Welcome to New Horizons, a dynamic new plan for the Ohio Valley located on State Route 43 in Jefferson County, Ohio. The area we are in, close to the Ohio River, has been long known for its richness in coal and ability to produce steel. The major component that breathed life into these industries was the strong work ethic the people of this area had and continue to have.

The MAS trust, being the only property owner, has a vision of creating a new horizon where this area will continue to grow. Jobs will be created in turn stimulating our economy. Families and individuals will expand our residential community. People from local and abroad will indulge in shopping and entertainment. Children will go to our schools and recreation will be enjoyed.

New Horizons consists of over 4,000 relatively flat acres of land for distribution, industrial, retail, office, residential, and recreational land uses. Existing uses consist of county services offices, a security system manufacturer, a motorcycle manufacturer, and a 880,000 square foot distribution center.

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With easy access by highway, airport, railroad, and river barge, New Horizons and Jefferson County are well positioned between the East Coast and Midwest markets.

Jefferson County is a suburb of Pittsburgh, the “Burb of the Burgh”. Downtown Steubenville is less than 30 miles (with no stoplights) from Pittsburgh International Airport. The drive from Steubenville to the Pittsburgh airport is often quicker than from downtown Pittsburgh. The completion of the Findlay Connector (now under construction) will shorten our drive time even further.

Jefferson County offers multiple options for high-speed connections to the Internet and major telecommunications lines. SBC, Verizon, and Comcast provide T3, T1, DSL, and cable modem broadband services. A Point of Presence (POP) with AT&T is located in Steubenville.

Improvements to U.S. 22 have helped make Pittsburgh an easy commute as well as allow Wal-Mart to build a massive 880,000-square-feet distribution center near the interchange with S.R. 43. The US 22/US 36/OH 16-corridor continues to hold promise as the most direct route between Pittsburgh and Columbus. Over two-thirds of the corridor is already four-lane highway. U.S. Representative Bob Ney has helped secure $550,000 to study the Cadiz to Newcomerstown section. This project will decrease the 150 mile trip from New Horizons to Columbus.

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In Jefferson County, employers will find an available, affordable and productive work force. The area is home to a bountiful population of skilled workers who are commuting out of the area to work, unemployed, and under employed. Award winning local schools are turning out graduates that out-perform state and national averages.

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The following is a summary of the economic development incentives available in Jefferson County, Ohio. This list is not comprehensive as there are many state and federal small business loan programs as well as specialized technology and special needs programs.

Property Tax Exemptions
Job Creation Tax Credit
Pioneer Rural Loan
Jefferson County and Revolving Loan Funds
Ohio Enterprise Bond Fund
Ohio Investment In Training Program
Infrastructure Grants

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